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Ashes, Caskets & Urns

All cremated remains will be safely brought back to our chapel of rest unless requested otherwise.

We can provide for the arrangement of interments as follows:

Administration only 50
Collect, prepare and distribute all documentation required for the interment to take place

Administration & Attendance 90
Monday - Friday
As above plus we will attend the committal to oversee the service and provide some words of comfort if required.

Administration, Attendance & Grave Preparation 160
Monday - Friday
As above plus we will prepare the plot in advance and ensure its safe closure.

Additional costs are incurred for attendance and preparation on:

Saturday 50
Sunday & Bank Holiday 70

Caskets & Urns

Scatter Tube - small 25
Scatter Tube - large 35
Kent Solid Oak Casket 75
Norfolk Solid Oak Casket 95
Willow Ashes Casket 95
Bamboo Ashes Casket 95
Contemporary Casket POA


For further information please contact us.


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