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DIY Funerals

Direct It Yourself
There is no legal requirement to use the services of a funeral director but many families find the prospect of organising a funeral without the services from an undertaker very daunting, not least from a practical point of view. We can provide as much or as little help as you require.

Some things to consider:
How will you transport the person who has died to a resting place?
Where will the person who has died rest prior to the day of the funeral? Also think about practicalities such as access and room temperature.
How will you prepare the person who has died?
Where will you obtain a suitable coffin from? Consider the build construction, does it comply with burial or cremation regulations in the UK?
Do you know how to complete and arrange statutory and non-statutory forms?
How will you transport the coffin and place on a catafalque or lower into a grave?

These are just some of the things you will need to think about if you plan to carry out a DIY funeral.

We will not undertake any responsibility for a funeral if we have not prepared the person who has died, completed both statutory and non-statutory documentation or sourced the coffin ourselves. This is because we are legally responsible for its construction and any problems that may arise from poor manufacturing or non-compliance with EU regulations.

We do however offer a consultancy service where we can guide you through the legal and practical requirements for completing a DIY funeral. We can also offer transport only, mortuary facilities, coffins only and any other part service that you may require. Please ask for further details.

Consultancy rate per hour 250
Coffins from 295
Use of mortuary per day 30
Transportation in hours 100
(of person who has died, within twenty miles)
Transportation out of hours 200
(of person who has died, within twenty miles)
Any other part service POA


For further information please contact us.


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